Dehydrated culture media

BD Difco and BD BBL brand dehydrated culture media (DCM), media additives and peptones/hydrolysates give our customers the confidence they need to deliver the highest-quality products and test results using consistent, superior media in laboratory testing. Whether this testing is for food, water, pharmaceutical/biotech production or university research, our media offer a proven record of performance backed by nearly two centuries of combined BD Difco and BD BBL expertise.

How has BD earned the trust of professionals worldwide?

Refinements over time

BD has refined research, manufacturing and quality control processes to achieve the highest standards for BD Difco and BD BBL dehydrated media.


BD Cell Culture Media

BD media is nutrient rich and designed to specifically increase production and titer in large-scale biopharmaceutical applications.


Dehydrated culture media and additives

BD supplies BD Difco and BD BBL brand media formulations and ingredients in dehydrated form.


Media supplements and feeds

Our peptones, chemically defined supplements and feeds are designed to enhance complex media formulas.