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Why BD prepared media?

Over the years, BD has enhanced a wide range of proprietary formulations to help our customers more effectively isolate and differentiate pathogenic from nonpathogenic microorganisms. Chromogenic media formulations are among the latest enhancements being developed and released.

Local availability and delivery ensure that when BD BBL prepared media arrive at your laboratory, they are ready to yield proper performance (when stored and used as directed). All culture media meet the NCCLS standards, when applicable.

BD BBL prepared media

BD BBL prepared media offer the following advantages:

  • As a peptone manufacturer, BD maintains strict quality control over our and our suppliers' materials, whether they are soy, yeast or of animal origin.
  • Partnerships with seaweed harvesting and agar extraction companies allow tight controls on the materials in BD plated media products.
  • BD-manufactured dehydrated media are used in every prepared media formulation.
  • We make our own Petri dishes to maintain high quality.
  • We test for product performance and hold each lot of prepared media in quarantine until they are thoroughly checked.

BD BBL prepared media products

BD BBL prepared plated media

This ready-to-use product helps isolate microorganisms.

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BD BBL prepared tubed and mycoflask media

This product is ideal for cultures requiring prolonged incubation.

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BD BBL sterile pack plated media

These media, which come in gamma-irradiated packs, are for critical environments.

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Prepared media efficiency

To standardize your products while reducing costs, you should make the following preliminary decisions alongside our knowledgeable sales representatives over a two- to three-month period:

Product order standardization

  • For any single product, choose one product pack-out size (e.g., larger cartons or small packages, but not both).
  • Purchase high-volume products (i.e., at least 200 individual plates, per month) in cartons.

Product cost efficiencies

  • Generally, choose plated media vs tubed media for the following reasons:
    • They tend to be more cost effective.
    • They contain a greater surface area for isolated growth.
    • Plates save incubator space, since they use only horizontal space (as opposed to the vertical space used by tubes).

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