BD GasPak systems and accessories

BD offers a variety of BD and BD BBL brand GasPak systems and accessories that help generate anaerobic, microaerophilic or C02-enriched environments.


BD BBL CO2 generators

Individually packaged CO2 gas generators are for use with the appropriate enclosures.


BD BBL GasPak anaerobic and C02 indicators

The BD BBL GasPak anaerobic indicator is a specially designed foil envelope. The BD BBL GasPak C02 indicator provides a reliable method for assuring ideal C02 enrichment.


BD BBL GasPak jars

BD BBL GasPak 100 and 150 jars are designed to hold BD BBL stacker Petri dishes and plates.


BD GasPak EZ container systems

BD GasPak EZ container systems help produce anaerobic, microaerophilic or C02-enriched environments with waterless, catalyst-free convenience.


BD GasPak EZ pouch systems

BD GasPak EZ pouch systems offer the convenience of pouches integrated into a kit for generating a pouch-based anaerobic, microaerophilic or C02-enriched environment.


BD GasPak supplies

BD offers a range of supplies for use with our BD GasPak sysems.

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