BD BBL Crystal identification system

The BD BBL Crystal identification system is a miniaturized identification system that requires only one step for inoculation. Once inoculated, the panels provide a safe and easy-to-handle closed system. Reagent addition and oil overlay are completely eliminated by the panel design. The system has been proven to accurately identify nearly 500 organisms.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantitye-catalog
245010 BD BBL Crystal anaerobe ID kit 20/SP
245011 BD BBL Crystal anaerobe ID manual codebook 1/EA
245000 BD BBL Crystal enteric/nonfermenter ID kit 20/SP
245002 BD BBL Crystal enteric/nonfermenter manual codebook 1/EA
245029 BD BBL Crystal enteric/stool ID inoculum broth 10/SP
245240 BD BBL Crystal Gram-positive ID kit 20/SP
245037 BD BBL Crystal Gram-positive manual codebook 1/EA
245038 BD BBL Crystal inoculum broth 10/SP
245130 BD BBL Crystal Neisseria/Haemophilus ID kit 20/SP
245035 BD BBL Crystal Neisseria/Haemophilus manual codebook 1/EA
245031 BD BBL Crystal panel viewer 1/EA
245250 BD BBL Crystal rapid Gram-positive ID kit 20/SP
245041 BD BBL Crystal rapid Gram-positive manual codebook 1/EA
245302 BD BBL Crystal reference panel 1/EA

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