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BD Difco loops and needles

BD provides sterile, disposable inoculating loops and needles that do not require flaming. Made from a unique plastic resin, they offer flexible control, and resist cutting the agar surface yet feature sufficient firmness to pick stubborn colonies. They are also color coded.

Volume delivery

State-of-the-art plastic molding technology provides volume delivery consistency. It helps form a correctly sized droplet and completely transfer the volume without leaving behind any liquid beads.

Injection molding

BD offers the latest plastic injection molding technology to ensure product consistency and minimize lot-to-lot and intralot variations in loop thickness and internal diameter.

Products not made with lubricants

Our loops and needles do not contain lubricants, oils or electrostatic charges, enabling complete liquid transfer and consistent wetting of the plastic, which allows the correct surface tension on the inside walls of the loop.

Certification of calibration

BD supplies an Evans blue dye certificate of calibration with every box of loops, confirming their accuracy and consistency.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per shelf pack)e-catalog
220217 Disposable inoculating loop, 10 µL (light blue) 1,000
220216 Disposable inoculating loop, 10 µL (light blue) 250
220215 Disposable inoculating loop, 1 µL (light green) 1,000
220214 Disposable inoculating loop, 1 µL (light green) 250
220218 Disposable inoculating needle (violet) 1,000

MR-17018 (11/16)

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