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2D barcode and colored labels for industrial prepared plated media info sheet

This document explains the environmental monitoring benefits of color-coded 2-D barcode labels on BD BBL prepared plated media

Size: 717 KB
Solution Overview

BD BACTEC blood culture solution full spectrum overview video

This video provides an overview of the BD blood culture solution across three phases of clinical testing; pre-analytical, analytical and post analytical.

Pre-Recorded: March 25, 2019

BD BBL CHROMagar MRSA II and BD BBL CHROMagar SA biplate brochure

This brochure describes BD Difco and BD BBL animal-based and animal-free dehydrated culture media for laboratory research.

Size: 509 KB
Technical Bulletin

BD BBL prepared culture media QA-QC certificate

This technical bulletin provides a quality assurance certificate that quality control was tested and performed acceptably according to BBL specifications, including CLSI M22-A3 standards where appropriate, on BD BBL brand prepared plated, tubed and bottled media.

Size: 3 MB

BD BBL prepared plated media brochure

This brochure describes how BD BBL CHROMagar MRSA II and BD BBL CHROMagar SA biplate prepared plated media can enhance MRSA surveillance.

Size: 2 MB
User Guide

BD Difco and BD BBL manual of microbiological culture media user guide

This user guide provides monographs, general technical information, ingredients, reference guides and other information on BD Difco and BD BBL culture media products.

Size: 17 MB

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