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BD antigens and antisera

BD offers antigens and antisera that can facilitate diagnosis of several diseases and meet your microbiology needs.

BD Difco antigens for serology

BD antigens, with the patient's serum, enable serology using the slide agglutination test. They are offered for quality control and febrile disease diagnosis.

BD Difco antisera

BD Difco antisera provide fast reaction times and easy, clear results for antisera typing, with products developed to remove cross-reactions.

Lee Laboratories reagents

BD offers Lee Laboratories polyclonal antisera and purified antibodies to bacterial epitopes and toxins using purified and whole-cell immunogens produced primarily in rabbits.

BD Difco antigens
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (each)e-catalog
221161 Alkalescens-Dispar quality control antigens 1
225851 Bordetella pertussis antigen 1
241050 Francisella tularensis antigen 1
223031 Listeria O antigen 1
Salmonella quality control antigens 1
Shigella quality control antigens 1
BD Difco antisera
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (each)e-catalog
Bordetello antisera 1
E. coli antisera 1
Influenzae antisera 1
Listeria O antisera 1
Neisseria meningitidis antisera 1
Salmonella H antisera 1
Salmonella H single factor antisera 1
Salmonella H Spicer-Edwards antisera 1
Salmonella O grouping antisera 1
Salmonella O poly group antisera 1
Shigella grouping antisera 1
Vibrio cholerae antisera 1

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