BD BBL diagnostic reagent and stain droppers

With our 18 varieties of diagnostic droppers, microbiologists now have a solution to the problem of perishable identification reagents and stains. Featuring reagents hermetically sealed in an ampule to protect them from chemical instability, the droppers provide shelf-life ranging from one to three years, with no refrigeration.

Ready-to-use design

Since the droppers are ready to use, no mixing or measuring is required.

Drop-by-drop dispensing

To perform the tests, simply hold the dropper upright and squeeze it to crush the ampule inside. You can then invert the dropper to dispense the solution drop by drop.

One-day supply

Each dropper contains a one-day supply of reagent or stain, thus reducing the waste and inconvenience associated with bulk reagents.

Diagnostic reagent droppers
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (each)e-catalog
261191 10% potassium hydroxide 50
261203 Catalase reagent dropper 50
Desoxycholate 50
261187 DMACA indole 50
261190 Ferric chloride 50
261206 Flagella reagent dropper 50
Indole 50
261204 Methylene blue Loeffler reagent dropper 50
261201 Ninhydrin 50
Nitrate A 50
261198 Nitrate B 50
261207 Nitrate C reagent dropper 50
Oxidase 50
PYR 50
Voges-Proskauer A 50
2611931 Voges-Proskauer B 50
Stain droppers
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (each)e-catalog
Acridine orange 50
261195 Calcofluor white 50
261189 Dobell and O'Connor's iodine 50
261194 India ink 50 /td>
261188 Lactophenol cotton blue 50

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