BD Viper LT system

Choose a solution for STI testing

The BD Viper LT system provides fully automated, integrated molecular testing on a tabletop analyzer.


The system features automated workflow with minimal hands-on time, ready-to-use reagents, and LIS connectivity with automated result reporting capability.


Fully automated and integrated molecular testing means true walkaway capability.


The system features the ability to run testing on a tabletop analyzer that easily fits into your busy laboratory.


Automated sample processing and ready-to-use reagents reduce labor and errors. Automatic system checks ensure the system is running smoothly prior to and during each run.

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing

The system provides an efficient molecular STI testing solution for low- and mid-volume laboratories.

Reduced hands-on time

Requires less than 15 minutes of hands on time per run setup.


The system utilizes four fluorescent channels with advanced optics and LED light sources for accurate and reliable detection and a thermocycler with 24 control zones designed to ensure uniform temperature control.

Pipette tip stations

The system holds all necessary pipette tips, which allow for liquid level sensing.

Specimen rack input area

The system holds up to 48 pierceable cap tubes for efficient sample handling.


The system provides up to: 30 CT/GC sample results in 3.5 hours, and 120 results per day with the last user intervention at 7.5 hours in high-throughput mode. 30 BD OnclarityTM HPV sample results in 4.5 hours, and 120 results per day with the last user intervention at 9.5 hours in high-throughput mode

Minimized waste

Unit dose assays and extraction tubes minimize reagent waste.

Ordering Information
Cat. no.Descriptione-catalog
442842 BD ProbeTec QX GC assay N/A
442959 BD ProbeTec QX CT assay N/A
441990 BD Onclarity HPV assay N/A

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