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You face thousands of decisions every day that challenge you and your patients. To help you make those decisions, BD Life Sciences – Molecular Diagnostics offers advanced technology designed for accuracy and greater efficiency. Our solutions help you realize the transformative impact of trusted results—today and tomorrow.

Our comprehensive portfolio offers cutting-edge solutions that give your lab unparalleled flexibility. We take great pride in developing solutions that will enhance therapeutic decision making and improve outcomes.

How BD makes a real difference


BD provides innovative solutions that help increase the overall efficiency of your clinical staff, by enabling accurate sample collection and comprehensive analysis, thus providing an efficient path toward excellent clinical outcomes.


BD delivers accuracy through advanced technology and a commitment to precision and reliability. Our solutions maximize performance that you can count on in the delivery of care.


BD solutions deliver actionable, integrated diagnostic information that improves quality of care and patient satisfaction. We offer you fast, accurate results, aiming to reduce uncertainty and anxiety while saving you time and money.