Chemotherapy collectors

BD yellow chemotherapy collectors help safely dispose of trace liquid and solid chemotherapy sharps waste. They come in various lid designs and sizes, with a liquid-absorbent material preattached to the inside bottom of the collector.

Leakage prevention

Gaskets and liquid-absorbing materials help prevent leakage.

Secure transport

A temporary closure feature and handles promote safe transportation.

Secured lid

Visual, audible, tactile (VAT) perimeter locks ensure the lid is securely attached to the base and add security against tampering.

Clear lids

Clear lids with multiple opening styles accommodate different types of waste and environments.

Compatibility with BD trolleys

Our large and extra-large collectors are fully compatible with BD trolleys.

Dual-opening hinge

A dual-opening hinge top is designed to let one side remain open while the other stays locked based on the desired size of the access opening.

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