Infection prevention surveillance

Spend less time counting and more on preventing

MedMined Surveillance Advisor can help you facilitate infection prevention by identifying ADEs and HAIs across your health system. Addressing the approximately 1.7 million cases and the 99,000 deaths yearly from HAIs,1,2 the system can help you improve patient care and reduce costs.

Data mining surveillance

MedMined Surveillance Advisor features a patented algorithm proven to support the early detection of emerging pathogens.

Economic impact of HAIs

Using an HFMA peer-reviewed methodology, we help identify your facility-specific economic impact of infections and other clinical process breakdowns.

Expanding your clinical team

MedMined services can help improve quality, safety, efficiency, and clinical and financial outcomes through customized analytics consulting and support.

HAI surveillance workflow

MedMined Surveillance Advisor provides house-wide surveillance tools to identify, alert and report HAIs while improving workflow efficiencies.

MedMined solutions

MedMined solutions include Infection Prevention Advisor, Medication Stewardship Advisor, Public Health Reporting, VAE Surveillance, AU Module and others.

Quality process and outcome monitoring

MedMined provides hospital-wide e-surveillance to monitor patient outcomes and identify process breakdowns.

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