Antimicrobial stewardship

Improve antimicrobial therapy

MedMined Surveillance Advisor monitors inpatient data for potential adverse clinical events, allowing you to expand hospital-wide surveillance and reporting efforts. The system helps streamline antimicrobial stewardship efforts through alerts, comparative metrics and population-based reports.

Automated surveillance and daily workflow

Proactive and customizable alerts identify priority patients for timely antimicrobial stewardship intervention.

Comparative antibiotic use and pathogen reporting

Comparative and on-demand reports (e.g., C. diff rates, antimicrobial use) let you monitor stewardship program success.

Resistance monitoring and analysis

Automated and on-demand resistance reports let you optimize antimicrobial use and combat antibiotic resistance.

Customized antibiograms

The solution provides resistance insights from the source, origin and unit-specific on-demand antibiograms.

Transparency of antimicrobial usage

The solution facilitates inter- and intrafacility antimicrobial usage analysis and benchmarks through NHSN submission.

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