Regulatory reporting

Aid identification of NHSN-reportable events and streamline electronic submission

MedMined services standardize the identification of all NHSN-reportable events and streamlines electronic submission through auto-populated NHSN Clinical Document Architecture (CDA). MedMined SmartForms improve the speed and accuracy of NHSN reporting by reducing the risk of manual data entry errors.

Time savings and reporting accuracy

The tool lets you comprehensively track, trend, store and report NHSN data.

Up-to-date NHSN definitions

BD works closely with NHSN to ensure the MedMined SmartForm is updated to match the current NHSN definitions.

Transparency of antimicrobial usage

The tool facilitates inter- and intrafacility antimicrobial usage analysis and benchmarks through NHSN submission.

Pre-submission review

You can evaluate and approve all infection events for accuracy and completeness prior to NHSN submission.

CDA file bundling

The tool bundles all selected SSI events and denominators for procedure data into an NHSN-compliant CDA file.

Time savings

The tool helps reduce the amount of time you spend gathering and sorting through surgical data for submission.

Improved efficiency

The tool helps you improve workflow and other efficiencies.

Streamlined reporting

Using the MedMined Surveillance Advisor reporting tool, you can streamline your NHSN reporting process.

Automated reporting

The tool automatically generates reports and graphs based on HAI investigations to help you assess progress.

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