Microtainer MAP Microtube
Microtainer MAP Microtube and Quikheel Lancet

BD Microtainer® MAP microtube for automated process

Automate processing with the first one-piece-instrument–compatible microtube

The BD Microtainer® MAP microtube for automated process is the first one-piece-instrument–compatible microtube to offer both standard full-size patient identification labels as well as compatibility with most automated hematology instruments.

Automated processing

The microtube streamlines operations by allowing the automated processing of your microcollection hematology samples.

Improved workflow

It improves workflow with a one-piece design, without parts to assemble and without contaminated parts to discard.


It enhances patient safety by accommodating full-size patient identification labels at the time of collection.


It is approved for hematology and lead testing.

Twist-assist closure

For easier cap removal, the microtube snaps closed and ensures safer, leak-free transportaion to the lab.

Pierceable cap

The product is compatible with instrument probes.

One piece

It is a 12-mm x 75-mm tube with an integrated collector.

Visible fill lines

Three clearly visible fill lines help ensure proper collection volume.


A number of inversions are illustrated on the tube label.

Recyclable packaging

The packaging is recyclable.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per box)Quantity (per case)e-catalog
363706 1.0 mg K2EDTA additive, 13 mm x 75 mm, volume 250–500 µL 50 200

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