BD BBL CultureSwab EZ collection and transport systems

BD BBL CultureSwab EZ and BD BBL CultureSwab EZ II collection and transport systems are simple-to-use, media-free systems that contain a patented polyurethane foam swab. This swab has been designed for optimal patient comfort during wound specimen collection.1

Medium-free transport

The medium-free nature of the system prevents specimen dilution that can be present with devices containing transport media.

Excellent recovery

Published studies have shown that the BD CultureSwab EZ swab provides excellent recovery of clinically relevant aerobic bacteria for up to 48 hours after collection.1

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per shelf pack)e-catalog
220145 BD BBL CultureSwab EZ sterile
polyurethane, dual swab, foam swab
220144 BD BBL CultureSwab EZ sterile
polyurethane, single swab, foam swab


  1. Bergogne-Berezin E. Evaluation of a new device for the collection of bacteriologic specimens: the "foam-swab." Department of Microbiology, Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital.

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