BD ESwab collection and transport system

The BD ESwab collection and transport system helps collect clinical specimens containing aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious bacteria from the collection site, and transport them to the testing laboratory. In the lab, BD ESwab specimens are processed using standard clinical lab operating procedures for bacterial culture. The unique design of the flocked swab ensures optimal elution of the specimen into the transport medium.

Modified liquid Amies

The BD ESwab system is 1 mL of modified liquid Amies medium packaged with a nylon flocked swab.

Swab differentiation

Color-coded caps offer easy flocked-swab differentiation.

Swab options

The system is available in three flocked swab formats: regular, minitip and flexible minitip.

Automated handling

The system features a suitable platform for automated liquid specimen-handling systems.


The system sustains the viability of aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious bacteria—in a single formulation.


The system offers flexibility in transport temperature ranges: in room or refrigerated temperatures for up to 48 hours.*

Ease of use

The system is easy to use; just collect, snap and elute.

Rapid elution

The sample rapidly and efficiently elutes from the flocked swab when placed in the transport medium for testing.

Liquid-based samples

The BD ESwab system provides 1 mL of sample suspension for Gram stain and multiple culture analyses.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per shelf pack)e-catalog
220532 BD ESwab collection kit
flexible minitip flocked swab
220246 BD ESwab collection kit
minitip flocked swab
220245 BD ESwab collection kit
regular flocked swab

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* The system has been tested and validated in full compliance with CLSI standard M40-A: Quality Control of Microbiological Transport Systems, including for Neisseria gonorrhoeae survival at 24 hours.

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