Flocked Swabs

BD flocked swabs

Our flocked swabs feature perpendicular nylon fibers that optimize specimen collection and elution into transport media. The swabs also feature a molded breakpoint that allows you to safely and easily break off the swabstick, and several breakpoint options are available for different tubes.

High liquid absorbency

Strong capillary hydraulics between the nylon strands draw up maximum liquid sample.

Rapid automatic elution

Liquid and solid specimens are held close to the surface between the nylon strands. When placed in liquid or onto solid media, they spontaneously drain.

Solid and semi-solid recovery

The velvet brush-like texture of the flocked nylon helps dislodge, collect and transfer solid and semi-solid materials.

Sample release

The swabs do not entrap samples because they do not feature an internal matrix core like traditional fiber wound swabs that disperse and ensnare samples.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per shelf pack)e-catalog
220250 Regular flocked swab 100
220251 Minitip flocked swab 100
220252 Flexible minitip flocked swab 100

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