BD Luer-Lok 1-mL syringe

Bring security to critical applications

The BD Luer-Lok 1-mL syringe is ideal for critical clinical applications that crucially require you to avoid potential needle disengagement, medication leakage, spray or tubing disconnect.

BD Luer-Lok thread

The BD Luer-Lok thread provides a secure connection.

Plunger rod design

Each disposable syringe features a tapered plunger rod for ease of aspiration and a positive plunger rod stop.

Ease of use

BD syringes feature a clear barrel with bold scale markings.


The 1-mL syringe's scale has 1/100 mL graduation.

1-mL BD Luer-Lok syringe (mL scale)
Catalog no.Descriptione-catalog
309628 1-mL syringe only
309637 1-mL syringe combo with 20-G x 1-in needle
BD Luer-Lok U-100 insulin scale
Catalog no.Descriptione-catalog
309629 1-mL syringe only

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