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BD PhaSeal accessories

BD PhaSeal accessories include various devices that ensure safety from exposure to hazardous drugs.

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BD PhaSeal drug vial access device

The BD PhaSeal drug vial access device affixes to, and establishes and maintains neutral pressure in a drug vial.

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BD PhaSeal IV bag/line access devices

Our BD PhaSeal IV bag/line access devices provide closed connections to the IV bag and IV line.

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BD PhaSeal syringe safety device

The BD PhaSeal syringe safety device attaches to a syringe and IV tubing to form a closed system during drug preparation, transfer and...

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BD® HD Check system

The BD® HD Check system reliably detects hazardous drug contamination on multiple surfaces and locations.

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SmartSite bag access device

Our SmartSite bag access device helps you safely access IV bags.

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SmartSite vented vial access device

Our SmartSite vented vial access device lets you safely access drug vials.

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SmartSite VialShield closed vial access device

Our SmartSite VialShield closed vial access device is a closed device that maintains sterility for up to seven days while preventing...

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Texium bonded syringe

Our Texium bonded syringes help create a closed system enabling you to safely deliver chemotherapy, antiviral and other drugs.

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Texium closed male luer

The Texium closed male luer helps provide a leak- and drip-free connection when used with the SmartSite® needleless connector.

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