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BD BBL Crystal identification system

This miniaturized identification system has proven accuracy in identifying nearly 500 organisms.

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BD BBL DrySlide products

BD BBL DrySlide products provide an alternative to biochemical testing.

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BD PhoenixSpec nephelometer

The BD Phoenix nephelometer is a portable device that measures the turbidity of microbial suspensions used in specimen preparation.

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BD Phoenix broths and reagents

BD offers broths and reagents for the BD Phoenix automated identification and susceptibility testing system.

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BD Phoenix identification and susceptibility combo panels

Providing flexibility, BD Phoenix panels are available in a combo format.

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BD Phoenix identification panels

BD Phoenix identification panels cover a broad taxa of both bacteria and yeast.

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BD Phoenix instrumentation

The BD Phoenix M50 instrument offers a modular and flexible solution for laboratories of all sizes, combined with the BD Phoenix AP...

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BD Phoenix susceptibility panels

BD Phoenix AST-only panels are a perfect complement for laboratories utilizing the BD Bruker MALDI biotyper for rapid and accurate...

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BD Phoenix system accessories

BD provides various accessories for the BD Phoenix automated identification and susceptibility testing system.

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