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BD BBL IC-XT sterile plated media

Ready-to-use plated media that provides dependable and reliable outcomes for testing in critical environments.

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BD BBL Isolator Pack plated media

BD BBL Isolator Pack plated media come in gamma-irradiated packs for isolator systems.

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BD BBL prepared plated media

BD BBL prepared plated media are for the isolation of microorganisms from samples or specimens.

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BD BBL Sterile Pack plated media for critical environments

BD BBL Sterile Pack plated media for critical environments are validated to performance and sterility.

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BD sterile pack bottles

BD sterile pack bottles are terminally sterilized inside autoclavable double bags, resulting in an environmental contaminant-free...

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BD sterile pack swabs

BD sterile pack swabs are ready-to-use sterile swabs in a pre-filled tube of rinse solution for surface and equipment sampling.

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Dehydrated culture media and additives

BD supplies BD Difco and BD BBL brand media formulations and ingredients in dehydrated form.

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