Conventional syringes

BD conventional syringes are available with and without an attached needle. BD syringe-needle combinations feature a clear barrel with a bold scale. Disposable syringes with a BD Luer-Lok tip, luer slip tip or eccentric luer slip tip can be fitted with either a conventional needle or safety needle.

BD Luer-Lok tip

Our BD Luer-Lok tip is generally used for injections requiring a secure connection of the syringe to another device.

Eccentric luer slip tip

The eccentric luer slip tip is generally used for venipunctures and aspirational fluids, allowing close proximity to the skin.

Luer slip tip

Our luer slip tip provides a friction-fit connection that requires you to push and twist the syringe tip into the needle hub.

Catheter tip

The catheter tip is used for flushing catheters, gastostomy tubes and other devices.

Syringe-needle combinations

We provide a variety of syringe-needle combinations.

View combinations

Syringes only

We provide a variety of conventional syringes as the syringe only.

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