BD FlowSmart technology

Benefit from new insulin infusion set technology

BD FlowSmart technology helps reduce unplanned insulin flow interruptions compared to conventional infusion sets. Using a unique side opening, the patent-pending technology facilitates flow even if the cannula tip is blocked.1

Insulin pump therapy

Insulin pump therapy can help people living with diabetes more conveniently deliver their insulin doses than they can with manual injections, keep their blood sugar levels more consistent and improve their A1C—all without injecting multiple times daily.2 But even with the best equipment, you can still encounter insulin flow interruptions.

Advanced insulin technology

The patent-pending BD FlowSmart technology uses a unique side opening to help insulin flow, even if the cannula tip is blocked.2 If the insulin gets backed up, it can flow through the side port, ensuring more consistent delivery.

Innovative insulin infusion set

By collaborating with the JDRF, a leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes research, and the Helmsley Charitable Trust, BD has been able to develop our innovative insulin infusion set with BD FlowSmart technology.

Optimizing Insulin Pump Therapy Symposium webcast

The following webcast series presents the Optimizing Insulin Pump Therapy Symposium at EASD 2015:


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