Hazardous drug safety

Gain the system benefits. Lose the health risks.

Healthcare workers who work with hazardous drugs may be exposed to them, which can cause serious health consequences like skin rashes, reproductive issues, leukemia and other cancers.1 Despite implementing protective measures over the years, such as laminar downflow hoods, special masks, gloves, and vials vs. ampules, healthcare facilities are still putting their personnel at risk.2 BD hazardous drug systems, however, have been clinically proven to reduce the chance of exposure by staying closed from drug preparation to administration.

Texium™ system

Our Texium system is an end-to-end closed system that integrates the drug preparation and delivery process.
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BD PhaSeal™ system

The BD PhaSeal system is airtight and leakproof to protect your staff from hazardous drug exposure during drug preparation, administration and disposal.
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Safety syringes and needles

BD safety injection solutions include BD SafetyGlide™ needles (shielding), BD Eclipse™ needles (pivoting) and BD Integra™ needles (retracting).
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Sharps and waste collectors

BD offers a broad selection of sharps collectors with point-of-use convenience and numerous built-in features.
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