Medication managment solutions

Prioritize safety and efficiency from the pharmacy to the patient
Our BD Alaris infusion technologies, BD Pyxis medication dispensing technologies and ADE surveillance system, Patient Event Advisor, can help you reduce costs, improve care coordination and streamline medication use. We can also integrate data from our devices to help with your efforts to protect medication types at all points of care.

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Medication and supply management technologies

Our medication and supply management technologies enable many solutions that can help you streamline and automate medication and supply processes.

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Infusion therapy

Our infusion offerings include devices, software, interoperability and IV therapy that help optimize infusions while protecting patients across all care areas.

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Medication stewardship surveillance

MedMined Surveillance Advisor can help you streamline antimicrobial stewardship efforts and monitor potential adverse clinical events through alerts and reports.

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Inventory management platforms

On our medication and supply management platform, you can seamlessly integrate our medical and supply systems, devices and technologies.

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