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PowerHohn® central venous catheter

Choice of enhanced over-the-wire placement kit or Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) kit with maximal barrier components.

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  • Power injectable
  • Maximum flow rate of 5 mL/sec
  • Reverse taper hub
  • Exclusive bifurcation design
Features and Benefits

The PowerHohn® catheter is now available in both over-the-wire and Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) kit configurations.

  • Bedside CVC placement using MST with maximal barrier components
  • Compliance with Joint Commission1, IHI2, and CDC3 initiatives through the use of maximal barrier components
  • The PowerHohn® catheters allow injection of contrast media for power injection computed tomography scans at a maximum of 5 mL/sec and a power injector alarm setting at a maximum of 300 psi
  • Small extension leg clamps clearly communicate the maximum flow rate of 5 mL/sec
  • PowerHohn® catheters incorporate an exclusive bifurcation design and are clearly labeled to differentiate them from non-power injection catheters
  • PowerHohn® catheters are indicated for Central Venous Pressure Monitoring
  • PowerHohn® catheters have depth markings every 1 cm on the catheter body
  • The reverse taper hub gently plugs the insertion site
  • All PowerHohn® catheters are StatLock® stabilization device compatible
  • "Power Injectable" is printed on each extension leg for easy identification after catheter placement
  • Marked Nitinol or Standard Guidewire with Gold Tungsten Tip
  • Easy-to-Read I.D. Tags Indicate maximum injection rates and prompt users to check catheter patency
Products & Accessories
  • product-image

    PowerHohn® 6.0 French Dual-Lumen Polyurethane Catheter, Full Procedural Tray

  • product-image

    PowerHohn® 6.0 French Dual-Lumen Polyurethane Catheter, Basic Procedural Tray

  • product-image

    PowerHohn® 5.0 French Single-Lumen Polyurethane Catheter, Basic Procedural Tray

  • product-image

    PowerHohn® 6.0 Fr Triple-Lumen Polyurethane Catheter, Maximal Barrier Tray with Microintroducer

  • product-image

    PowerHohn® 6.0 Fr Dual-Lumen Polyurethane Catheter, Maximal Barrier Tray with Microintroducer

  • product-image

    PowerHohn® 5.0 Fr Single-Lumen Polyurethane Catheter, Maximal Barrier Tray with Microintroducer


Kit Components

Description Maximal Barrier
Standard Tray (MST)
Full Tray
Basic Tray
PowerHohn® CVC                        •                  •                   •
Measuring tapes                        •    
Bouffant cap                        •    
Gown                        •    
Gloves                        •    
Mask(s)                        •                  •  
Chloraprep™ One-Step Applicator (tinted)                        •    
Chloraprep™ One-Step Applicator (non-tinted)                        •                  •  
Wipe, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol                        •    
Povidone Iodine Ointment                    •  
Drape, absorbent                        •                  •  
Drape, fenestrated                    •  
Drape, fenestrated, full-body                        •    
Towel, Absorbent                    •  
Scissors                        •    
Syringe, Sodium Chloride, 10ml                        •    
Lidocaine                        •                  •  
Needle, Safety Hypodermic, 25 G                         •    
Needle, Hypodermic, 25 G                    •  
Needle, Hypodermic, 22 G                    •  
Needle, Safety Introducer, 21 G                        •    
Needle, Introducer, 21 G                    •                   •
Introducer, Safety Peripheral IV Catheter 20 G                       •    
Guidewire, Marked, Nitinol, 50 cm                       •    
Guidewire, Marked, Stainless Steel, 70 cm                    •                   •
Needle Holder                       •                  •  
Microintroducer                       •    
Dilator                    •                   •
Safety Scalpel                       •                  •                   •
Aspiration device                       •                  •  
Syringe(s)                       •                  •                   •
End cap(s)                       •    
Injection cap(s), non-latex                   •                   •
StatLock® Stabilization Device                       •    
Biopatch™ Protective Disk w/ CHG                       •    
Gauze                       •                  •  
Surgical Tape                       •                  •  
Tape Strips                       •    
Adhesive dressing                       •                  •  
Suture                    •

Available sizes: 5 Fr. Single-Lumen, 6 Fr. Dual-Lumen and 6 Fr. Triple-Lumen

1, 2, 3 Joint Commission National Patent Safety Goals, (IHI) Institute for Healthcare Improvement, (CDC) Centers for Disease Control.

Indications For Use

PowerHohn® catheters are indicated for short or long term access to the central venous system. They are designed for administering I.V. fluids, blood products, drugs and parenteral nutrition solutions, as well as blood withdrawal and power injection of contrast media. The maximum recommended infusion rate is 5ml/sec. The maximum pressure of power injectors used with the PowerHohn® catheter may not exceed 300psi.

Warning: Failure to warm contrast media to body temperature or ensure patency of the catheter prior to power injection may result in catheter failure.

Warning: Do not exceed the maximum flow rate of 5ml/sec. Exceeding the maximum flow rate of 5ml/sec may result in catheter failure and/or catheter tip displacement.

Warning: Power injector machine pressure limiting feature may not prevent over pressurization of an occluded catheter.

Please consult product labels, IFU, and package inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions, and instructions for use.



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