Emergency Vascular Access – An Evidence Based Approach

Vascular access management webinars
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Emergency medicine has historically argued that the only thing that matters is that “it’s an emergency.” Very few conditions require truly emergent vascular access. This session looks at the evidence around emergency vascular access and sets out a paradigm to determine the best access for an ED patient. Providers should be aware of these considerations to obtain optimal vascular access for the patient and improve healthcare system outcomes.

Jon Bell MSN, RN, VA-BC

Continuing education

The presentation is 60 minutes in length, encourages critical thinking and audience interaction. Approved by the CA BRN for 1 CE credit.

Learning objectives

Identify nine techniques used to obtain vascular access in emergency departments and other emergency care settings.

List seven considerations in choosing the most appropriate technique for a specific patient and clinical condition.

Identify the evidentiary basis for making a decision for a specific vascular access technique for a specific patient.

Given a patient scenario, choose the most appropriate technique for obtaining vascular access.

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