Implementing a Vascular Access Team (VAT) at a Rural Community Hospital

Vascular access management webinars
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According to the 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice, an infusion team/vascular access team (VAT) is a group of clinicians centrally struc¬tured within the facility charged with the goal of accuracy, efficiency, and consistency for the delivery of infusion and vascular access services. 

Amanda Lynch BSN, RN, VA-BC
Thomas Savage BSN, RN, CEN, CFRN


Attention to this goal will reduce and/or eliminate complications, lower costs, decrease length of stay, and reduce liability while promoting vascular preservation and greater patient satisfaction. This presentation discusses how one hospital developed a vascular access team and conducted a study to demonstrate whether creating a VAT can led to better outcomes for patients through standardization of evidence-based practice, monitoring, and education, combined with an increased number of vascular access device options.

Continuing education

This presentation is 50 minutes in length and is approved by the CA BRN for 1 CE credit each.

Learning objectives

Discuss the impact a dedicated Vascular Access Team can have on patient outcomes.

Understanding vascular access device options that can affect decreased infections.

Identify 3 interventions that can be implemented that may improve patient outcomes.


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