Vascular Access Device Care and Management

Vascular access management webinars
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The Infusion Nurses Society asserts that a comprehensive organizational approach to vascular access device (VAD) care and management is imperative to ensure safe and efficacious patient care. This presentation will provide an overview of the risks associated with VADs in clinical practice, a literature review for VADs and associated outcomes/complications, and identification of the importance of utilization of best practice across healthcare systems.



A detailed review of how organizations need to evaluate VAD Care and Management will be presented using best practice. Lastly, a novel evidence-based data collection tool will be reviewed, and the presenter will discuss how utilization of this tool can summarize data outcomes for hospital leadership which can drive clinical decisions as they relate to VADS.

Michele Biscossi
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Leader for Interventional Radiology, Albany Stratton VA Medical Center

Continuing education

This presentation is 50 minutes in length and is approved by the CA BRN for 1 CE credit each.

Learning objectives

List the importance of a comprehensive organizational approach to Vascular Access Devices (VADs)

State the risks posed with usage of VADs in clinical practice

Discuss strategies for healthcare organizational evaluation for VAD care and management

Review the usage of a VAD Supply Organizational Policy and Procedure Development Tool and how participants can implement in their respective facilities

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