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Diving Deep into Non-cytotoxic Infusates

Abstract: Choosing the appropriate vascular access device to meet the prescribed treatment and duration needs can be challenging. With literally hundreds of intravenous drugs, and no one published central list on known irritants, vesicants, and peripherally compatible infusates, making the right device decision is even more complex to navigate. Additionally, to utilize the GAVeCeLT DAV Expert APP and the MAGIC® APP one must have extensive foundational knowledge of non-cytotoxic infusates. What is an irritant or vesicant? What drugs fit into those categories? What do the guidelines provide for decision-making? This presentation describes the findings of a research project by three well known clinicians that initiated a review of manufacturer instructions for use and Gaharts 2021 Intravenous Medications for Infusion Complications. As a result, the Infusate Consideration Companion (ICC) tool was developed to assist with device selection and will be introduced and be made available during this webinar. Objectives: Consider guidelines from GAVeCeLT DAV Expert, MAGIC®, and the WoCoVA (ERPIUP) consensus recommendations. Review complications from common infusates complications from the manufacturer instructions for use, Gahart 2921 Intravenous Medications, and clinical studies. Discuss how irritants, vesicants, and infusion complications can impact device selection.
Marc Stranz, Pharma D
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