Recall notification - 13 Fr. Trialysis Catheter with Alphacurve

Sep 17, 2019

Power-Trialysis Short-Term Alphacurve Dialysis Catheter

Bard Access Systems, now part of BD, is conducting a voluntary medical device recall for one lot of Power-Trialysis Short-Term Alphacurve Dialysis Catheters because a portion of the lot was incorrectly packaged with a 12.5 cm catheter instead of a 15 cm catheter. If the clinician does not detect that the catheter is shorter than what is described on the label, they may insert the catheter. When tip location is confirmed radiologically, the clinician may need to remove the catheter due to suboptimal tip position and replace it with a catheter of the correct length. If you have any questions or require assistance with the return of the recalled product please contact our recall coordinator at 1-800-290-1689 between 8 AM and 5 PM MST Monday through Friday.


Files available for download

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