Recall notification - BD Microtainer® Tubes

May 13, 2019

BD is conducting a voluntary medical device recall for the catalog and lot numbers listed below for the BD Microtainer® Tubes based on confirmation that there may be damaged tube reservoirs present.

A damaged reservoir may lead to a decreased fill volume causing samples to be insufficient for testing and improper blood-to-additive ratio, potentially producing erroneous results. Recollecting samples and retesting for the patient may be required if a Microtainer® Tube with a damaged reservoir was used. This may lead to a delay in test results being reported and patients being treated. Additionally, a damaged tube reservoir may result in the potential for blood leakage and exposure to healthcare workers.

If you require further assistance, please contact Regional Customer Quality at 888-237-2762 Opt 3, Opt 2 Monday - Friday between 8AM and 5PM (CT)


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