Recall notification - BD Vacutainer Plus Plastic Citrate Blood Collection Tubes

Apr 11, 2018

BD has confirmed that approximately 3.4% of BD Vacutainer Plus Plastic Citrate Blood Collection Tubes (2. ?ml) noted above (light blue top tube) will exhibit over fill draw volumes from -11-14%. The most common use of these tubes is in the evaluation of all aspects of the coagulation cascade. It is also used prior to surgery to assess the risk of bleeding and clotting, and to establish and monitor anticoagulation therapy.

As per BDs Instructions for Use (IFU), the overfilling or under filling of tubes will result in an incorrect blood-to-additive ratio and can lead to incorrect analytic results or poor product performance. The fill level on the tube depicted in the photo below on the left represents the nominal volume of blood required for appropriate analysis.

If you require further assistance, please contact 1-866-875-0382 between 8AM and 5PM ET Monday through Friday.


Files available for download

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