Recall notification - BD Vacutainer® Plus SST tubes

Mar 12, 2018

BD has confirmed that a limited number of tubes associated with the above lots of BD VACUTAINER® PLUS SST tubes which are currently in the market may exhibit stopper creep­out/pull-out/pop-off, where the stopper dissociates from the tube. An example of stopper creep-out/pull-out/pop-off is demonstrated in the customer letter below. BD has received reports of this issue occurring during collection and processing (including centrifugation, transportation and testing). Stopper creep-out/pull-out/pop-off can result in potential user exposure to blood resulting from an unstoppered tube, which may result in exposure to blood borne pathogens.

If you require further assistance, please contact 1-877-870-4486 between 8AM and 5PM ET Monday through Friday.


Files available for download

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