Recall notification - TSA w/ Lec&P80 RODAC

Dec 13, 2019

BD has recently confirmed that a small portion of the single lot of BBL Prepared RODAC Plates (Cat. No. 221287) was printed with the incorrect lot number (9210443) and an incorrect expiration date of 2019-Dec-29. The issue impacted information printed on the plates only and BD has confirmed all other levels of labeling contain the correct lot number and expiration date. The correct lot number is 9210477 and the correct expiration date is 2019-Nov-29.

This product is used for environmental monitoring of cleanrooms. Expired media may not support bacterial growth. Therefore, if expired media is used, bacteria may not be detected in the clean room environment. If this were to occur, conditions in the cleanroom may not meet user requirements, which could impact the user's product being manufactured in the cleanroom.

If you require further assistance, please contact Customer/Technical Support at 800-638-8663 Monday - Friday between 7AM and 7PM (EST).


Files available for download

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