CareFusion Coordination Engine

BD Coordination Engine

Leverage hospital and patient surveillance and analytics using CCE

BD Coordination Engine (CCE) lets you easily access actionable healthcare information across many BD technologies. This information may be from hospital and patient surveillance, warnings and trend indicators, or data analytics, enabling system analysis, optimisation and control. 

The core interface engine provides a common interface across many BD technologies and other select products. Scalable solutions provide the interoperability required for each product. 

Support scalability

Communicating with multiple devices and systems while meeting the key needs of hospitals.

Minimize infrastructure needs

Sharing BD product interfaces - after software is simply installed into the existing server environment.

Improve security

Centralizing the security management of hospital connectivity with the common BD platform and secure domain.

Simplify implementation

With backward compatibility to shorten upgrade cycles and a single interface to simplify initial setup and ongoing support.

Improve support

Monitoring healthcare IT Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) in real-time with 24/7 on-call support and existing hospital failover systems.

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Tenga en cuenta que es posible que no todos los productos, servicios o funciones estén disponibles en su región. Consulte al representante local de BD.

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