BD Safety Products

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Role of Safety-Engineered Devices in Preventing Needlestick Injuries in 32 French Hospitals.

Prevalence and prevention of needlestick injuries among health care workers in a German university hospital

BD offers a wide array of safety-engineered medical devices to protect healthcare workers against sharps injuries and to prevent exposure to blood-borne pathogens. BD safety products comply with the Implementation Guidelines of the European Biosafety Network, the European organisation whose primary objective is the prevention and elimination of sharps injuries to both patients and healthcare professionals.

Blood Collection

Blood collection is an every day procedure. According to a six-month study for all procedures, 21% of needlestick injuries occurred during blood collection.

Infusion Therapy

A wide range of safety infusion therapy devices to protect healthcare workers during their daily work.

Hypodermic Injection

BD safety injection products have been designed to ensure protection from needlestick injuries both prior to, and following injection.

Safety and Shielding Systems

An array of manual, active and passive safety and shielding solutions for your prefillable syringes.

Sharps Disposal Systems

Appropriate sharps disposal is the “First step to safety” in creating a safer work environment for healthcare professionals.