Safety case studies

The EU Directive on the Prevention of Sharps Injuries in the Healthcare Sector will be legally binding on 11 May, 2013. It requires all healthcare organisations in the public and private sector to implement mandatory safety standards to protect healthcare workers from sharps injuries and subsequent risk of infection applies to EU member states.

Testimonial Haaglanden

The Medisch Centrum Haaglanden Experience

Needlestick injury has been increasingly recognised as a major health and safety hazard for healthcare workers in Europe

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Testimonial Heerlen

The Atrium Medisch Centrum Heerlen Experience

Sharps injuries are the most frequent occupational hazard faced by healthcare workers, and are particularly dangerous in view of their potential for transmitting life-threatening pathogens.

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Testimonial UZA

The University Hospital Antwerp Experience

The University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) is a leading hospital, where first class clinical patient care, high quality academic education and innovative scientific research go hand-in-hand.

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