Arteriële Bloedafname

Meer informatie over BD's Arteriële Bloedafname producten

BD offers a range of syringes for Arterial Blood Gas analysis which are designed to minimise preanalytical variability in sample collection, handling and transportation. 

They are sterile plastic syringes, all of which are latex-free. They contain calcium-balanced Heparin that enables the specimen to be analysed for ABG's and a host of critical care analytes.

  • BD Vacutainer® A-Line™ syringes are used for full panel critical care testing by manual aspiration. They can be used for arterial or venous blood collection from an arterial or I.V-line.
  • BD Vacutainer® Preset™ syringes are used for critical care testing on whole blood. The syringe plunger can be preset to a desired volume. As arterial blood fills the syringe, the residual air is expelled through the self-venting membrane.

The range includes the BD Vacutainer® Eclipse™ Arterial Blood Syringe which  is a safety-engineered arterial blood collection syringe that offers a simple, effective way to collect blood while reducing the possibility of needlestick injuries.  It features a patented safety shield that allows for one-handed activation to cover the needle immediately upon withdrawal from the artery and confirms proper activation with an audible click:

  • BD A-line™:Aspiration Sampling Technique without Needle
  • BD Preset™:Automatic Fill Sampling Technique with/ without Needle

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