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Скрининг рака шейки матки, Лечение при диабете, Microbiology solutions, Molecular diagnostics, Геномика, Software solutions, Syringes and needles

Иглы и шприцы для анестезии, BD PhaSeal™ system, Принадлежности для сбора BD Vacutainer®, Гемокультура, Сбор крови, Cell and biomarker preservation, Conventional syringes and needles, Culture media, Cytology instruments, Environmental systems, Filter and fill needles, Identification and susceptibility testing, Industrial microbiology, Insulin syringes, IV catheters, Lab equipment and supplies, Molecular tests, Mycobacteria testing, Non-GYN cytology, Pre-filled flush syringes, Safety syringes and needles, Serology testing, Sharps collection accessories, Sharps containment at home, Software solutions, Stains and reagents, Swab-based specimen collection, Urine specimen collection


BD bioscience brands



BD Pyxis™, Rowa™

Лекарственная терапия и управление доставкой

Central hospital pharmacy, Community pharmacy, Платформа управления МТС, Medication and supply management software, Medication and supply management technologies, Medication packaging



Предотвращение инфицирования

Pre-procedure hair removal, Skin preparation