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Скрининг рака шейки матки, Лечение при диабете, Безопасность при обращении с опасными лекарствами, Microbiology solutions, Molecular diagnostics, Sharps disposal solutions, Геномика, Software solutions, Syringes and needles

Иглы и шприцы для анестезии, Принадлежности для сбора BD Vacutainer®, Сбор крови, Cell and biomarker preservation, Conventional syringes and needles, Cytology instruments, Filter and fill needles, Identification and susceptibility testing, Industrial microbiology, Insulin syringes, IV catheters, Mycobacteria testing, Non-GYN cytology, Pre-filled flush syringes, Safety syringes and needles, Serology testing, Sharps collection accessories, Sharps containment at home, Software solutions, Swab-based specimen collection, Urine specimen collection


BD bioscience brands



BD Pyxis™, Rowa™

Лекарственная терапия и управление доставкой

Central hospital pharmacy, Community pharmacy, Платформа управления МТС, Medication and supply management software, Medication and supply management technologies, Medication packaging


Genesis™, IMPRESS™, Snowden-Pencer™, V. Mueller™

Surgical instruments

Open Instrumentation


Jamshidi™, PleurX™, Snowden-Pencer™

Interventional specialities

Diagnostic and procedure trays, Иглы Jamshidi™ для трепанобиопсии, Open Instrumentation, Trays, brushes and bulk solutions