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Cervical cancer screening, Diabetes care, Microbiology solutions, Molecular diagnostics, Sharps disposal solutions, Single cell multiomics, Software solutions, Syringes and needles

Anesthesia needles and syringes, BD Vacutainer® collection accessories, Blood specimen collection, Cell and biomarker preservation, Conventional syringes and needles, Cytology instruments, Filter and fill needles, Identification and susceptibility testing, Industrial microbiology, Insulin syringes, IV catheters, Mycobacteria testing, Non-GYN cytology, Pre-filled flush syringes, Safety syringes and needles, Serology testing, Sharps collection accessories, Sharps containment at home, Software solutions, Swab-based specimen collection, Urine specimen collection


BD Pyxis™, Rowa™

Lagerhantering och Läkemedelshantering

Central hospital pharmacy, Community pharmacy, Medication and Supply Management platform, Medication and Supply Management software, Läkemedels- och lagerhanteringstekniker, Medication packaging

Bahamas, The