BD Kiestra™ TLA

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BD Kiestra™ TLA Brochure

Today’s microbiology labs face many challenges – including increasing volumes, cost containment pressures, staff shortages and the introduction of new testing techniques. All of these factors are driving the need to do more with less.


BD Kiestra™ solutions are designed to help address these challenges today, while also preparing your lab for the future. We know your lab is different, which is why we offer a broad range of automated solutions to meet your needs. Our solutions work together to streamline the entire testing process and are designed to not only increase efficiency, but also to help produce more reliable and timely results.

BD Kiestra™ Total Lab Automation


The BD Kiestra™ TLA (Total Lab Automation) solution provides a flexible, customizable and high performance system to meet unique needs of each laboratory.

Many labs have implemented the BD Kiestra™ TLA as it is unique to all other automated solutions for microbiology, by offering the highest capacity, flexibility, connectivity and integration. The BD Kiestra™ TLA system optimizes workflow as workbenches are connected to the system and will offer integration of a growing family of scalable BD automation modules such as the BD Bruker™ MALDI Biotyper™ automated ID and the BD Phoenix™ automated AST instruments.