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PowerMidline™ Cannula

Offering you the familiarity of a traditional Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) placement, with the added benefit of power injection, the PowerMidline™ Cannula provides reliable, short-term access to the peripheral venous system.

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Helping to provide options for all your midline patient needs

BD's goal is to provide exceptional vascular access products. We leave it up to you, the skilled clinician, to choose the best device for your patients. We provide the options, you provide the expertise.

With our PowerMidline™ Cannula configurations, you have excellent Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) midline options for your vascular access placement and patient treatment needs.


Features and Benefits

Power injectable midline cannula 

The cannula allows for injection of contrast media for CT scans at maximum flow rates:

Single LumenDual Lumen
3 Fr: 3mL/sec4 Fr: 4mL/sec*
4 Fr: 7mL/sec5 Fr: 7mL/sec


*19 gauge lumen only

Distally trimmable midline cannula

A distally trimmable cannula allows for customisation to each patient’s anatomy.


Clear identification as midline cannula

Unique hub design and labelling clearly identify the cannula as a midline to help eliminate cannula confusion and promote patient safety.

Kink resistant MST midline cannula

The reverse taper is designed to gently plug the insertion site and provide excellent kink reistance.

Body softening midline material 

A polyurethane cannula that softens at body temperature to help minimise vessel wall trauma.


PowerMidline™ Cannula

Products & Accessories


Please consult product labels, IFU, and package inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions, and instructions for use.



BD-18580 (11/22)