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PowerPICC SOLO™ 2 Catheter, I.R.

PowerPICC SOLO™2 Catheter is a universal catheter solution designed for IV fluid and blood administration, power injection, and saline care and maintenance.

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  • Optimised Valve Performance
  • Power Injectable
  • Easy Identification
  • Indicated for Central Venous Pressure (CVP) Monitoring
  • Saline Only Care and Maintenance
  • Premium Nitinol Guidewires
Features and Benefits

Power. The Power of Purple.

The Efficiency of Power Injection for Contrast Enhanced CT (CECT) Scans and PICC Therapy

Maximum Injection Rates

Allows injection of contrast media for CECT scans at a maximum rate of 5 mL/sec

Easy Identification

Catheters are clearly labelled to differentiate them from all non-power injectable PICCs

Reverse Taper Design

Gently plugs the insertion site and provides excellent kink resistance

Patient Satisfaction

Improves patient comfort due to decreased needle sticks

CVP Monitoring

All PowerPICC SOLO™2 catheters are indicated for central venous pressure monitoring

Extension Set

For the PowerPICC SOLO™2 catheter allows clinicians to obtain CVP reading similar to those obtained through open-ended PICCs

Saline. The Simplicity of Saline.

The Simplicity of Saline Care and Maintenance Through Innovative Valve Technology.

  • Simplified Care & Maintenance

    Recommended weekly maintenance is reduced to a single saline flush*

  • Continuum of Care

    Same flushing protocol for hospital and home health

  • Fewer Complications

    Limits risk associated with heparin use (HIT)

  • Reduced Blood Reflux

    Compared to open-ended catheters

  • Reduced Costs

    Decreases PICC associated heparin costs

  • Clamp Free Infusion Therapy

    Valve eliminates the need for clamps

  • Excellent Clearance

    Valve clears after recommended saline flush

One. One Valve. One PICC.

The Versatility of One PICC Designed to Meet a Variety of Clinician and Patient Needs.



  • Simplified Flushing: Recommended weekly maintenance is reduced to a single flush*
  • Continuum of Care: Standardises care and maintenance for hospital and home health
  • Broad Vascular Access Needs: Designed for multiple clinical conditions across the hospital
  • Multiple Indications: Allows IV fluid and blood infusion, as well as power injection, and central venous pressure monitoring
  • Many Configurations: 4 Fr. Single-Lumen, 5 Fr. Dual-Lumen, 5 Fr. Triple-Lumen and 6 Fr. Triple-Lumen
  • Variety of Placement Technologies
    • Nursing - preloaded Sherlock® and non-Sherlock® Stylets
    • Interventional Radiology - allows for over-the-guidewire placement
5 Fr DL PowerPICC SOLO™2 FT Catheter


Smaller and more flexible in the peripheral veins between the 5 cm and 30 cm section of the indwelling catheter


Products & Accessories

Extension Set

The Extension Set for the PowerPICC SOLO®2 catheter allows clinicians to obtain CVP readings similar to those obtained through open-ended PICCs.

The Extension Set for the PowerPICC SOLO®2 catheter is an extension tubing set that can be connected to the PowerPICC SOLO®2 catheter to facilitate central venous pressure (CVP) monitoring. A small cannula on the end of the Extension Set opens the PowerPICC SOLO®2 catheter valve during CVP monitoring to allow clinicians to obtain CVP readings similar to those obtained through open-ended PICCs.

CVP Waveform

Simulated CVP Waveform vs. 6F TL PowerPICC® Catheter and 6F TL PowerPICC SOLO®2 Catheter with Extension Set1


I.R. PICCs Kit Components

DescriptionIR Tray
Microintroducer, 10 cm
Guidewire, 0.018" (Length and type PICC dependent)
Introducer needle, 21 Ga.
End cap (one per lumen)
StatLock® catheter stabilization device
Measuring tape


Benchtop data R60619 Rev 1 at BD, Salt Lake City, Utah.
n=30 data points for each catheter type
For full product information refer to the Resources section.

Available sizes:  4 Fr. and 5 Fr. Single-Lumen, 5 Fr. Dual-Lumen, and 5 Fr. and 6 Fr. Triple-Lumen

*It is recommended in the IFU to flush the catheter after every use, or at least weekly when not in use