Catheter Guidance Systems

BD offers a full suite of guidance technologies for the placement of vascular access devices, including ultrasound guidance, real-time tip location, tip confirmation, and needle guidance.

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Ultrasound Systems

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    Site-Rite™ 8 Ultrasound System

    The Site-Rite™ 8 Ultrasound System with integrated Sherlock 3CG+™ Tip Confirmation System (TCS) is designed to be simple and intuitive. Our ultrasound and imaging technologies help you visualise vessels, needle trajectory, and final tip location.

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Tip Confirmation Systems

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    Sherlock 3CG+™ Tip Confirmation System

    The Sherlock 3CG+™ Tip Confirmation System (TCS) is BD's next generation, fully integrated magnetic tracking and ECG-based peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) tip confirmation technology, which represents the next evolution of the Sherlock™ II Tip Location System and the previously-marketed Sapiens Tip Confirmation System.

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Catheter Guidance Accessories

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    Medical Equipment Roll Stands

    Designed to simplify medical equipment transportation.

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