IV Care and Maintenance

Maintain IV sites


Our portfolio of IV Care and Maintenance products are used after the vascular access device has been placed to help prevent catheter dislodgement and site contamination.

IV Stabilisation Devices

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    StatLock™ CV Plus Stabilisation Device

    StatLock™ Stabilisation Devices are a more effective alternative to tape in helping improve clinical outcomes, quality of care and economic efficiencies.

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    StatLock™ Epidural Stabilisation Device

    The StatLock™ Stabilisation Device system offers state-of-the-art stabilisation for all brands of epidural catheters.

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  • ultra-stabilization.jpg


    StatLock™ IV Ultra Stabilisation Device

    StatLock™ IV Ultra Stabilisation Device secures non-winged B. Braun and BD safety catheters. 

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  • multipurpose-stabalization.jpg


    StatLock™ Multipurpose Stabilisation Device

    The patented StatLock™ MultiPurpose Stabilisation Device features nylon filaments used for needle-free stabilisation.

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  • Neonate.jpg


    StatLock™ Neonate II Stabilisation Device

    The StatLock™ Neonatal II Stabilisation Device combines skin-safe hydrocolloid adhesive and the strength of Tyvek™ to create this stabilisation device for a neonatal nursery.

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  • PICC.jpg


    StatLock™ Other PICC Stabilisation Device

    One of the original StatLock™ Stabilisation Devices, the StatLock™ PICC Stabilisation Device is well-known for its clear, green bracket capturing the catheter wings over the posts.

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Needle Free Connectors

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    BD SmartSite™ Needleless Connector

    The SmartSite connector is designed to improve nursing efficiency and lower overall costs by integrating with your existing Alaris™ Pump module and gravity administration sets.

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Skin Preparation

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    BD ChloraPrep™ Applicators with Sterile Solution

    Our BD ChloraPrep™ with Sterile Solution applicator lets you easily apply our unique formulation for skin preparation, available in 1mL, Frepp™

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