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Delivering a reliable and consistent supply of IV Fluids

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Most hospitalized patients require IV fluids, and healthcare facilities today are continuously challenged with infusion therapy supply shortages.

Help ensure a consistent and reliable supply of IV fluids. Our full portfolio of infusion  therapy products is designed to optimize infusion delivery, help reduce the risk of infection and protect vascular access sites. 

BD can serve as the sole supplier for all your infusion needs, providing one consistent supplier for all your infusion needs throughout the care continuum.

One Supplier for All Your Infusion Needs

The continuum of infusion care is dynamic. BD plays a critical role in ensuring the availability and delivery of products that are needed for undisrupted patient care – like those for infusion therapy.  


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    Security of Supply

    With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with high volume production output,  BD provides consistent and reliable supply of IV Fluids and Sets.

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    Breadth of Infusion Portfolio

    As a supplier who values your business and puts your infusion needs first, BD’s comprehensive infusion portfolio includes the BD Alaris™ Infusion System, the most widely used infusion system on the market today.

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    Commitment to Safety

    With a commitment to the quality and safety of our products, BD provides a consistent, easy to use IV bag that is Non-DEHP/Non-PVC for your IV Fluids needs across the patient journey.

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    Reliable Partnership, Ease of Scale

    As a supplier with an expansive portfolio, BD can help simplify your contracting and purchasing process, providing consistency as one partner for all your infusion needs.

BD IV Fluids

Learn how you can keep your team in the flow with BD IV Fluids. Designed to meet the spectrum of infusion delivery needs, BD helps ensure a consistent and reliable supply of solutions for infusion therapy.


Discover a dependable solution for IV Fluids

BD offers IV Fluids in a variety of formulations and sizes to suit customer needs.

All IV fluids use the freeflex® bag, a multilayer polyolefin film that is non-PVC and non-DEHP and not made with natural rubber latex. Both ports contain a self-sealing septum and easy break-off caps, which provide visual tamper evidence.

Key Product Features:


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    •       Both ports contain a self-sealing septum that helps prevent leakage after needle or spike removal.

    •       Both ports contain easy break-off caps that provide visual tamper evidence and intended to ensure sterility prior to use.

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    •       The freeflex® bag is a multilayer polyolefin film that is non-PVC and non-DEHP.

    •       The bag is not made with natural rubber latex.

    •       The infusion port is compatible with spike systems produced according to ISO 8536-4.

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    •       The overwrap is made of polypropylene film.

    •       The clear film allows easy inspection of the product and bag size prior to administration.


The BD Universal Set Portfolio offers healthcare facilities a variety of infusion devices designed to meet the spectrum of infusion delivery needs—from routine infusions such as hydration and nutrition, to advanced drug delivery and specialty care.



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