Manufacturing plant in Tatabánya

Architectural Drawings of Manufacturing Plant

Frequently asked questions

What exactly will BD produce at the new plant in Tatabnya?

This facility will be constructed to manufacture prefillable syringes. We make the syringes and sell them to pharmaceutical companies which then fill them. It has been found that injectable drugs sold in prefilled syringe formats reduce the potential for medication error and contamination while providing pharmaceutical companies with a means to differentiate their products.

Why did BD select Hungary for the site of the new plant?

Hungary is ideal because of its proximity to the European markets these products will serve, as well as its pool of educated workers, the availability of qualified subcontractors, an exceptional work ethic, and an enlightened body of public officials who understand how to set standards for manufacturing operations and regulate them.

What is the overall scope of the manufacturing plant?

This is a major investment of capital for BD. Government officials have told us that this plant is one of the top five proposed investments in Hungary. Upon completion of all contract negotiations and permit approvals by the various public agencies involved, BD expects to employ approximately 500 people over the next 6 years and anticipates that the facility will encompass approximately 25,000 square meters. Jobs will vary from highly trained operations personnel to administrative and maintenance jobs.

Will there be additional community investment by BD as part of this project? What is the nature of that investment?

BD is committed to being a good corporate citizen in the communities around the world in which we have facilities. We are committed to being here for the long-term and to integrating into the community as a good neighbor. When you invest this amount of capital in a region, we expect to stay for a long time. Our commitment is not just in tax dollars paid to the community, but many of our employees take leadership positions in the communities in which they live and we hope to do the same here.

What is the outlook for jobs? What kind of jobs will they be? Why so many jobs in an automated facility?

We expect that this expansion will create approximately 500 good positions, many of them in highly technical capacities. This will be a state-of-the-art, highly automated facility that requires advanced skill sets, which we know the labor pool in Hungary can provide. These include monitoring production, trouble-shooting, and supporting computer-driven equipment. Jobs will include management, administrative and technical positions, as well as a majority dedicated to production. We also anticipate creation of a significant number of indirect jobs at local subcontractors that will support the facility.

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